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Michael Marth plays a one-of-a-kind Scroggins custom...


Michael Marth plays a one-of-a-kind Scroggins custom shop Michael J. Marth Signature model guitar. It has a quilted 10+ Maple top and back over a Swamp Ash body, bound in Purple Heart.  The guitar has no added color - all natural stains.  Although the body has a new aerospace polyester hybrid clear-coat on top, the rest of the guitar is covered in a wood resin clear lacquer.  The double think, Grade 1 Ebony neck is bound in Flame Maple.  The frets are stainless steel, as is the Floydd Rose Locking Tremelo System which gives the guitar a sustain equivalent to a Les Paul custom guitar.  The pickups are all Seymour Duncan JB rear position and each individual pickup is wired in series, parallel and single coil and has an additional switch to add the treble pickup with any combination along with a standard 5-position pickup selector switch.  The guitar is secured by Schaller strap locks.  Charles Scroggins designed this guitar around the Tremelo System so that the neck width, finger radius and scale length make for absolutely perfect intonation.  He is incredibly pleased with this fantastic work of art and looks forward to receiving the next guitars he has on order from Charles.

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